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As partners of Free Agent Accounting software you have real-time visibility of your finances and unlimited support from dedicated accountants. As professional contractor accountants we can advise you on the best way to handle your contractor finances to extract maximum returns, using our experience and up to date knowledge of the relevant legislation and regulations. Get everything you need from us with our packages starting from £60pm.

Benefits of Contracting?


You have the freedom to work when you choose, where you choose and for however long you like. Changing contract can often be far easier than changing jobs. Contractors have the ability to be far more independent than permanent employees

Being your own boss

The company you work for is not your employer, but is instead your client, which puts a whole different flavour on the relationship! Contract roles will give you much more flexibility when it comes to agreeing working conditions.


An average contractor rate can easily be double that of a full time employee, or even more. Contractors are paid very high rates due to their skills and flexible nature of the relationship and the fact that many positions can be relatively short-term. Depending on your individual skills, the state of the industry in which you work (or the market in general) and the location of a contract, you can command very high rates of pay.

Work you Enjoy

You can concentrate on the work you enjoy rather than any other administrative task involved. You can choose to work at place you enjoy and the industry you like

Work experience

Working as a contractor gives you the opportunity to test out other industry sectors to see if you can widen your experience. Contractors tend to gain a really good insight into different company cultures, processes, operations and structures. Working in many different companies gives you the ability to build up a wide-ranging CV and to establish an extensive list of reference contacts.

Taking time out

Contractors can take as much or as little holiday as they prefer, most permanent employed people don't get paid for any holiday entitlement unused during the year, as a contractor you will.


Contracting is a smart way to broaden your experience and diversify your skills. Gaining exposure to a wide range of companies, industries and assignments is an opportunity to continually learn new skills and gain exposure to different management styles, cultures, processes and practices. This bank of broad experience is then transferable to your next job.


Contracting can provide constant stimulation for people who enjoy a diverse working life. Contractors often work on a variety of projects across different environments, locations and industries, meeting new people in new companies with each new assignment.

Pay Conditions

In certain sectors, contractors are paid significantly more than permanent employees in similar roles. It is not uncommon for contractors to earn up to twice as much as their permanent counterparts, with the added bonus of overtime pay for every extra hour worked. However, this does need to be balanced against no paid sick leave or annual leave.


If you are out of work or between jobs, contracting is a great way to stay in the job market and keep your skills current. Contracting can be a useful stepping-stone to your next role as it can be undertaken while seeking permanent work options. It can also take the pressure off the job search and give you current references.


A key benefit of contracting is the opportunity to build relationships across a range of different companies. Providing an excellent service to each employer will help to build your reputation as a talented and reliable expert. Creating a wide network and strong reputation can then help you to obtain further contract work, or open the door to more permanent opportunities.


Contracting is a great way to get your 'foot in the door' of desired companies, allowing you to prove your worth and show how you fit into the corporate culture. It gives the employer an opportunity to assess you for upcoming roles and allows you to experience the company/position before committing to permanent employment.

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